Extreme Ghostbusters Member Profiles

Eduardo fancies himself a slacker. He doesn't want to appear to be working at anything... for fear of failure. Eduardo dresses post-grunge. Listens to post-punk. And tries hard to maintain a veneer of cool cynicism. In reality, however, Eduardo is fascinated, and deeply affected by all that happens around him.

Secretly, Eduardo harbors a fantasy that involves marathons and Olympic games. Unrealistic? Absolutely!!! But each and every morning, Eduardo rises with the roosters, and runs like the wind. Foolish behavior for one who claims not to dream.Eduardo w/ proton pack

Eduardo has a crush on Kylie. It's an unspoken thing. An unrequited thing. An unlikely thing. But from the first time he saw her in Egon's lecture hall, Eduardo was smitten. Figures - he'd have to go for the "teenage witch" with the acid tongue. Life is a free-fall, man.

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