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But, not surprisingly, these "explanations" aren't good enough for some. Surely there are many places in the world with dangerous currents and directional anomolies. So... why is the Bermuda Triangle host to so many unfortunate accidents?

UFOAs I noted before, many think the Bermuda Triangle is a result of E.T. activity. They believe anti-gravity technology or similar otherworldly energies may be eminating from a downed UFO. Others believe the Triangle may provide an undersea Earth base for aliens who value privacy; when a vessel moves to close to the aliens' home...

Others believe that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena are the result of the Lost City of Atlantis, rumored to have sunk thousands of feet below the water's surface. Believers claim that at the time of its submersion, the advanced state of Atlantis' technology relied upon the power of energy crystals. It is possible that these crystals are still at the bottom of the ocean, in a somewhat altered state, sending out rays of energy that either confuse the instrumentation of vehicles, or disintegrate the vessels all together. Hmmm.

Sinking ShipSome even believe the Bermuda Triangle to be a man-made energy field using Tesla-based technologies. This "Paranormal Pentagon Theory," as I call it, claims that a VLF-Resonance Transmitter (a technology many believe to be in use by the North American Air Defense Command, or NORAD) has an antipode directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. This hypothetical system is thus capable of recharging secret electric-powered submarine classes, and providing enough interference to scramble the signals that both airplanes and boats rely upon.

Though my experiences with S.I.D.N.E.E. leave me with no doubts concerning its legitimacy, it's hard to get a scholar to mention the Bermuda Triangle these days for fear of the phenomenon sullying their reputation. But under the skin of so-called "accepted science" rumbles a scientific underground that will not be let the Triangle controversy be swept under the rug. Until next time...

Dr. Egon Spengler

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