Spengler's Spirit Guide

The Jersey Devil

Question: What has the head of a ram, the body of a lion, the hooves of a goat, the wings of an eagle, and is from New Jersey? If you said "an alley cat in Hoboken" you were close, but not close enough: It's the Jersey Devil, an exceptionally nasty and elusive Class 5 Phantasm that has been terrorizing the residents of New Jersey for the past 400 years.

The Jersey Devil!First reports of the Jersey Devil date back to the time of the Native Americans. In fact, residents of the region referred to the pine barrens of southern New Jersey (the Devil's main haunt) as "Popuessing", which translates to "place of the dragon". Later, Swedish explorers renamed the area, "Drake Kill" -- drake being a European name for dragon.

Footprints!As more settlers entered the region, Devil sightings increased, resulting in a mid-1700's exorcism. Supposed rampages in 1840, 1873-74, 1894-95, and 1909 left scores of slaughtered livestock and scared humans. For a while, the New Jersey Devil terrorized members of the State Legislature in Trenton, leaving footprints on roofs and in backyards.

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