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Creepy Creepy St. Louie Crop Circles CONTINUED... 

Naturally, some farmers began to get a little worried. When these strange reports circulated back to London, they picqued the interest of Britain's paranormal researchers. Nobody could deny the existence of Crop Circles -- but the question of HOW and WHY remained. With new formations appearing almost daily, the researchers' job proved to be a never-ending one.

Crop Circle 3 One of the priorities of the burgeoning science of Cereology was to find the means to distinguish between "genuine" Crop Circles and the numerous fakes that were appearing as the phenomenon garnered public attention. Consequently, Britain's scientists developed a system utilizing an EMF (Electromagnetic Field Detector), mapping the magnetic fields which were found to linger around "genuine" formations (but not bogus ones).

I developed a streamlined version of this device (the Spectre-Detector) to determine the validity and magnitude of similar disturbances we Extreme Ghostbusters investigate. In sharing our technology and knowledge, the Cereologists, Extreme Ghostbusters, and various other paranormal researchers are constantly moving closer toward our shared goal -- explaining the unexplained.

Dr. Egon Spengler

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