Spengler's Spirit Guide

Crop Circles

Extreme Ghostbuster trainees -- Did you know that the majority of the Earth's population believe in ghosts? Unfortunately, as ecto-hunters, little of our evidence is physical, and "ghostly occurrences" are all too frequently absent of material that can be objectively analyzed after the event occurs. But, one field of supernatural study offers ample visual documentation, and has recently become a favorite of mine: Cereology -- or -- the study of Crop Circles.

Crop Circle 1Though Cereology is a relatively new discipline, the Crop Circle phenomenon has been documented for hundreds of years -- often, as folklore in the parts of Europe where Crop Circle cases seem to be most concentrated. Many residents recall stories told by ancestors of farmers waking in the morning to find large swaths of crops neatly matted down in large, circular patterns. When Crop Circles began reappearing in the English countryside during the early 1980's, locals were similarly intrigued (but not shocked) at the strange shapes pressed into acres of matted grain.

Crop Circle 2The shapes rarely were limited to circles; increasingly complex patterns materialized. Most interesting, the Crop Circles often contained multiple shapes linked at mathematically calculated angles. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the plant stalks in many of these circles were intricately braided and woven in various patterns. Apparently, a task that would take human hands days to complete was occurring overnight without detection by landowners. Were ghosts at work? UFO's? Strange meteorological forces (weather)? Or just an exceptionally talented and sneaky group of pranksters?

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