Spengler's Spirit Guide

How to Ghost Hunt

If you are interested in exploring the relatively benign world of Class 1 and 2 spirit materializations, perhaps you should plan a "ghost hunting" excursion. You probably won't have to travel far as it's difficult to find a town without at least one reputed "haunted house". But, before you pack your overnight bag, here's some helpful hints that might make your trip more enjoyable and improve your chances of actually "catching" a ghost:

Where to find ghosts:

If you're not lucky enough (or unlucky enough, as the case may be) to have a live-in ghost like Slimer, and aren't familiar with local legend, you'll have to do some searching. Pumpkin Head GhostWe experts agree that OLD is the key word. Old houses, old cemeteries, and old movie theaters are the best places to start. Once you've found a suitably creepy locale, be respectful of the place. Enter quietly and carefully. Being reckless and destructive will upset both the ghosts and the authorities. Remember, some "haunted" places are privately owned and/or have been deemed unsafe to enter. If there's one thing I've learned in my years of Ghostbusting, it's that trespassing can result in stiff penalties and/or unwelcome accidents.

Pagan the cat!When to find Ghosts:

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to hunt for ghosts is not at midnight, but in the wee hours of the morning. This isn't because ghosts are early risers; it's simply that the pre-dawn hours are the quietest, calmest of the day. Of course, you're also less likely to hear or see things that could be mistaken for ghosts-- bats, mice, wind, cars, etc.

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