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The Paranormal Side of St. Patrick's Day ST. PATRICK'S DAY CONTINUED... 

Lucky ShamrockThe concept of Leprechauns as drunken partiers who harass the unfortunate people whose homes, bars, and restaurants they reside in (usually uninvited) is probably drawn from a type of fairy known as a "Cluricane." Wherever a steady supply of alcohol, and happy people meet, Cluricanes are likely to join in, spilling drinks, breaking glasses, and having a wonderful time.

Pot O' GoldThe third type of fairy our modern conception of the Leprechaun is likely based upon is a more sinister one -- the Fir Darrig. These evil little jokers are said to spend every waking moment plotting evil deeds and playing tricks on unsuspecting victims. These traits seem to be most dominant in the Malignant Leprechauns I've occassionally encountered (whose magnitude can vary between Class 4-9). While not the MOST dangerous apparitions I've had to deal with, the Fir Darrigs' quick wits make capture quite a chore.

Generally speaking, Leprechauns are an unpredictable lot better left alone. While they may offer to bestow good luck and appear fun-loving, save me a lot of trouble this St. Patty's Day by refraining from trying to capture, contain, or make friends with any old men under 2 feet tall dressed in shiny green suits. Until next time...

Dr. Egon Spengler

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