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Hello, I am Dr. Egon Spengler and I would like to welcome you to Spengler's Spirit Guide. This online feature will include regular updates of information and stories I've compiled through my extensive years of research and investigation of paranormal phenomena in the world of THE EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS. We'll be exploring haunted houses, ghost hunting techniques/technology, and a cornucopia of related topics. Check the bottom of the page for links to my previous journals.

The Haunted Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Welcome to another fact-packed edition of Spengler's Spirit Guide! Feeling a bit "zapped" after a minor Proton Pack incident last week, I forgot what I planned to discuss in this week's entry. So, I decided to turn on the TV, and see if I might find a recent event worthy of discourse. While I was quite entertained by the taco-eating Chihuahuas, I could not help but notice the ubiquitous presence of Titanic- mania. Given this climate, I thought it would be appropriate to tell the story of what might be the most famous haunted ship of all time: The Queen Mary.

Not only was the Queen Mary a far bigger (140 feet longer) and faster (10 knots faster) craft than the Titanic, but the Queen made over 1000 trans-Atlantic voyages in its career (1936 to 1967) as opposed to the Titanic's 1. During such voyages, the Queen Mary was the site of numerous tragic events. These happenings have, according to many reports, left permanent paranormal imprints on this mightiest of ocean liners. Finally, unlike the Titanic, the Queen Mary sits well above the surface of the ocean at its permanent mooring in Long Beach, California where it now functions as a luxurious floating hotel. The ship is open to the public so anyone can visit and conduct their own ghost hunt during one of the regularly scheduled tours. Here's a rundown of a few things I found during my investigation of the Queen Mary a few years back.

A ghostly apparition.THE FIRST CLASS POOL - The most frequently sighted ghosts are reported to lurk near the swimming pool in the first-class wing of the ship. Voices and the sound of splashing water are frequently heard coming from this area but - upon investigation - no human is found. One of my colleagues witnessed one of the rarer phenomena reported -- a trail of wet footprints being made by an invisible entity. The prints are thought to belong to the ghosts of two women who drowned in the pool: one in the 1930's, one in the 1960's. The pool's changing rooms are considered by many psychics to be the spiritual center of the ship. The ghosts occupying these spaces have never been known to be dangerous, so the changing rooms are a good place for the timid ghost hunter to initiate investigation.

THE FIRST CLASS LOUNGE - The first class lounge is known to be a favorite haunt of some first class ghosts! Many reports have been made of a beautiful woman in a long white dress sipping martinis at the ship's bar. There have also been periodic reports of floating balls of light and ectoplasm puddles in this area of the ship.

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