Ghostbusting Gizmos

PKE Meter

The PKE Meter measures the intensity of paranormal activity. The Extreme Ghostbusters will use the PKE meter to determine the location and magnitude of any ghosts present.

Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap
The Ghost Trap holds apparitions and other entities caught in its vacuum-like pull. This allows the ghosts to be transported back to the Containment Unit at the Firehouse for permanent storage. Each trap holds one apparition.

Proton PackProton Pack
The Proton Pack provides the power supply for the particle stream that disables paranormal entities. Each pack contains an unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator.

Proton Gun

Proton Gun
The Proton Gun is attached to the Proton Pack. It allows the user to control the stream coming from the pack.
Proton Cannister
The Proton Cannister attaches to the Proton Gun. It acts as a separate, refillable power unit for the Proton Gun.

Ecto 1Ecto 1
The Ecto-1 is the vehicle of the Extreme Ghostbusters. It allows for the rapid transport of the EGB's along with all necessary equipment to the site of spiritual turbulence.