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The SalesmanENTITY:
THE SALESMAN - A ghost who appears as a small man in a straw hat, but is actually a hideously ugly apparition with glowing, yellow eyes and hands like talons.
The ghostly salesman arrives in Grand Central Station and twists peoples' hopes and dreams into terrifying incarnations. Eduardo falls prey to the Salesman's spell and is turned into Kylie's cat, and the EGB's must figure out how to outsmart the ghost before he leaves town forever.

SHANBAHAC - An ancient Amazon seed demon who can control various plants.
A seed containing an ancient Amazon spirit is inadvertently released on New York City and threatens to turn the entire city into a jungle if the EGB's don't stop it first. But is the sprit a benevolent protector of the rainforest or a malicious demon bent on the destruction of humanity?.

The Sphinx?ENTITY:
THE SPHINX - Has the body of a lion, the head of a dog, big bird wings and a snake for a tail; asks the riddle, "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three at night?"; lightning bolts shoot from its eyes.
A Sphinx preys on the intellectuals of New York, turning them into slobbering idiots when they can not answer its riddle. The EGB's must stop the ghost before it attacks a meeting of the world's most powerful minds at the United Nations.

TEMPUS - A time travelling ghost able to manifest himself simultaneously in the present and the future. He is a vaguely humanoid-shaped plume of blackish smoke, with a smug face and superior attitude. He can also split himself into Present Tempus and Future Tempus - slightly more translucent versions of himself. P
A temporal disturbance lands Kylie in the New York City of a fallen future, when humanity's supremacy has been usurped by Paranormal Beings. She joins a band of freedom fighters in a battle against the Paranormal leader, Tempus, a ghost who can simultaneously exist in two separate time-planes. Separated by nearly a century, Kylie must find a way to work along with the Extreme Ghostbusters, who are battling Tempus in the present. Unless they can find a way to unite in battle, Tempus can not be defeated.

TENEBRAUG - A multi-eyed, eye-stealing demon. Ten feet tall, a hulking, slimy figure with a lumpy oversized head sprouting with multiple eye-stalks. In his stomach area is a large, mouth-like opening filled with eyeballs of different shapes and sizes, which he has stolen from his victims.
Eduardo loses his proton gun, and Kylie helps him find it...much to her chagrin since she'd rather be busting an eye-stealing demon which is terrorizing the city.

THE VATHEK - a trio of otherworldly demons as follows:
Craniac-has a rotary saw stuck vertically in his head, so it resembles a mohawk.
Corpuscle-fatter guy whose head is just a mass of pulpy mollusk-type matter, without any facial features; sees with eyes on the palms of his hands. A "little man" version of himself, Corpuscle Junior, with claw hands and a razor-toothed mouth emerges from within Corpuscle's face area, partially mobile on a very long stalk; "Junior" is more bestial and only snarls and gnashes in a smaller voice.
Gristle- Skeletal-looking guy with arms like dental tools.
A novelist is possessed by a demon, causing him to create several ghostly characters which come to life and terrorize New Yorkers. Eduardo is instrumental in solving the case, since he is a fan of the writer's work.

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