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LEPRECHAUN - Two feet tall. Wears an emerald cobbler's rig, and has an evil, toothless grin. Carries a shillelagh, which fires green lightning bolts and has magical powers.
A Leprechaun is loosed during the renovation of an Irish Pub. After interrogating seemingly random victims re: "his treasure," the evil elf uses his shillelagh to suck same into a "pot of gold." At their first encounter, the EGB's are unsuccessful in their quest to capture the spirit. Even worse, Garrett is zapped by the shillelagh and begins to suffer a run of bad luck which jeopardizes the EGBs' lives. Finally, with the help of Egon, Garrett successfully leads the EGB's to the rescue of Mayor McShane (and others) during a final showdown amidst the city's St. Patrick's Day parade.

LILLITH - Queen of the Ecto-Leeches. She can disguise herself as a human female.
ECTO-LEECHES - Ghost-like leeches that feed on electrical energy.
Fed up with being taken for granted, Janine takes a long overdue vacation; the firehouse falls apart without her. Desperate, the EGB's hire a temp, Lillith, who appears to be an even better organizer than Janine, but is - in reality - an energy-sucking ecto-leech queen bent on destroying the EGB's from within.

LUKO - A disembodied ethereal face who inhabits a plethora of mechanical devices, which then come to life.
THE INFERNAL MACHINE - A clockwork contraption inhabited by Luko. It becomes the ultimate weapon of destruction for the demon.
In the Middle Ages, an alchemist releases a demon which requires a mechanical host. The demon re-appears in present-day New York and puts Roland under its spell, causing him to create a deadly mechanical vehicle for its destructive purposes. The EGB's must destroy the ghost in the machine before it destroys all existence.

MAIIKROB - An ancient ectoplasmic seaman who travels via a spectral boat, armed only with a harpoon. He has been hunting Lotan throughout time..

LOTANLOTAN - An enormous whale-like spirit which both burrows under the ground and flies through the air. Mechanical and electronic devices break down when Lotan is near.
Lotan is wreaking havoc with New York's mechanical and electrical systems, terrorizing New Yorkers. When the EGB's find it impossible to stop him, they team up with Maiikrob, a spectral seaman who has spent his entire afterlife pursuing the beast. Together, Maiikrob and the EGBs tefeat Lotan, allowing Maiikrob - finally - to find eternal peace.

Mirror DemonENTITIES:
MIRROR DEMON - A spectre who lives in an alternate dimension. The "limbo" where the Mirror Demon exists can be entered and exited through any mirrored surface. The spirit has the ability to pull a victim's soul out of his or her body, and replace it with an ecto-substitute.
The Mirror Demon decides to inhabit New Yorkers by sucking their souls out and possessing their bodies. Eduardo falls prey to this body snatching spectre first; the other EGBs soon follow. Finally, only Kylie remains untouched, and it is up to her to save her fellow Ghostbusters, and the people of New York.

THE MISTRESS - A really buff, sexy, demonic queen who controls Demi-Dog. She has long flowing hair, bulbous eyes and scaly, blue skin.
DEMI-DOG - A Volkswagen-bus sized dog with green fur, and a second head within its mouth. Sniffs out new worlds for his Mistress to conquer.

The EGB's battle a demonic canine who has turned all the dogs in New York into his servants. The EGB's finally capture the powerful entity only to face its much more dangerous master -- The Mistress.

MORPHEUS - A terrifying dream-demon who takes on various forms including a postal supervisor, a medical doctor, Kylie's boyfriend, a University professor, and a 18th century ship's captain.
SOMNIWYRMS - Disgusting, floating worm -like beings created out of supernatural energy. They merge together to form the MORPHEUS VESSEL, a 20 ft. tall representation of the dream-demon, Morpheus.
When a series of nightmares lead to actual physical injuries, the EGB's find themselves battling a surreal dreamscape spirit bent on dominating the waking world.

Ghost PiperENTITY:
MR. PIPER - A woodwind-playing ghost, who first looks human but later reveals he wears a mask covering his hideous double-lipped mouth, and a huge second mouth where his stomach should be.
When New York City suffers an epidemic of pesky ghosts that even the EGB's can't seem to defeat, the Mayor calls on the Piper who claims he can rid the city of it's demons. When the Piper's demands grow too outrageous and the Mayor refuses to comply, the Piper reveals himself to be a ghost piper and lures the city's children away and into danger. the EGB's must stop the ghost and rescue the children.

RADIOACTIVE GHOST - Green, waddling, turtle-like creature. It feeds on radioactive energy which makes it both stronger and grow in size.
The EGB's battle a Radioactive Ghost which feeds on (nuclear) energy, rendering their ghostbusting equipment useless. The ghost becomes more powerful the more it consumes. Thus, the EGB's must devise an alternate way to stop the spectre before it detonates, and destroys New York city.

RAVANA - Demon from India who uses his tentacles to infect food. When would-be victims eat the tainted provisions, they get a ravenous appetite and devour everything in sight. The infected food also leaves trace elements in the victims' bodies which convert digested food into Ecto-Energy. Ravana then sucks all the energy out of those he has poisoned.
When dozens of New Yorkers go on sudden, unexplained feeding frenzies, the EGB's find themselves battling the demon Ravana , as well as one of his victims -- Slimer!

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