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Fear ItselfENTITY:
FEAR ITSELF - Able to manifest himself as other people's fears but is actually a little cave-newt, weak-looking thing with big, blind eyes.
When a construction site is disturbed, a demon protects its territory by capitalizing on people's fears. When the EGB's intervene, they, too, must face their worst nightmares.

Fire DemonENTITY:
FIRE DEMON - An evil bogey who emanates fire from his ethereal body. Can control flame to do his bidding.
During a mishap trapping the Fire Demon, Slimer is accidentally trapped inside the Ecto-dimension of the Ghostbuster's Containment Unit. Now incarcerated along with all of the ghosts that he helped capture, Slimer is made to pay for his "crimes." Donning a protective suit, Eduardo enters the ghost-plane to rescue the green goblin, while the other Ghostbusters must extinguish the threat of the Fire Demon, who is loose in - of all places - the Firehouse.

GHOST BRIDE - A malevolent female spirit which haunts an boarded-up wishing well. At first, she appears as a beautiful young bride, then transforms into a hideous shriveled fiend, bent on taking her chosen groom into the netherworld.
After unwittingly releasing the dangerous Ghost Bride, an ex-yuppie hires the EGB's to keep him from becoming her permanent groom.

The GremlinENTITY:
THE GREMLIN - 2-3 feet tall. Leaves behind a greasy slime wherever it goes. The Gremlin has red shining eyes and loves to destroy electrical equipment.
The Gremlin sets out to destroy all the communications, transportation and power companies throughout New York City, and the EGB's unsuccessfully try to convince the authorities they have a ghost on their hands. Instead of being thanked, though, the EGB's are arrested and put on an airplane, where they have a final confrontation with the gremlin and at the last minute, manage to capture it.

GRUNDEL - A hideous green , reptilian figure cloaked in black. Exudes pure evil. Has a wrinkled mouth over rows of ugly, stiletto teeth. Tempts naughty children to "Come out and play"... never to return to their earthly lives.
Kylie takes it upon herself to "consult" with the most powerful entity in the containment unit - the Grundel - in order to stop a "copycat" spectre. Years prior, Kylie herself was tempted by the Grundel, but managed to resist. Unfortunately, a childhood friend of Kylie's was not so lucky, and now appears to be continuing the Grundel's work. Things go from bad to worse when the original Grundel escapes, and the two Grundels team-up. In the end, the EGB's recapture the Grundel and release Kylie's friend from his decade-long imprisonment.

GU MO - Ancient Chinese demon who steals human bones in order to create a fearsome dragon. The EGB's investigate the mysterious disappearance of a Chinatown merchant whom they learn is possessed by the ancient bone-stealing demon, Gu Mo.
The EGB's investigate the mysterious disappearance of a Chinatown merchant whom they learn is possessed by the ancient bone-stealing demon, Gu Mo.

HARASVELG - A hellish, pterodactyl-sized demon who can be summoned by using the Scepter of Donar. A primordial flying beast which can control the weather.
When a draught threatens the livelihood of a farmer, his son reluctantly calls upon the Harasvelg, a spirit which brings rain but also much fury. The Harasvelg flies to New York City, where a rash of extreme weather ensues, and the EGB's must conquer the fury of the ancient demon.

House DemonENTITY:
HOUSE DEMON - Hideous, throbbing, dripping, oozing, ecto-monster which is most often in the form of a house. In its ghost form, it resembles a huge, slug-like creature with multiple sets of clawed arms and a giant, gaping jaw filled with tentacles. Also appears as an old woman.
The EGB's try to rid a house of its ghosts only to learn the house itself is the ghost, and they must defeat if before it feeds on two captured children and makes dessert of the EGB's.

The Jersey DevilENTITY:
THE JERSEY DEVIL - A dragon-esque demon. A rust colored metallic lizard with wings. It creaks when it flies and has breath which instantly rusts metal on contact.
En route to a convention in Atlantic City, the EGB's are attacked by the legendary South Jersey demon, and forced to defend a small town without any of their ghostbusting equipment.

KAHLIL - An ancient demon god. Has a tiny, weak-looking body, and a grotesquely oversized head. Dispatches his demon henchman to retrieve mortals who have been marked - the result of touching his ancient runes.
After a small-time hood steals a pouch of ancient runes from a museum, he learns that he can use them to mark people. The victims are then taken to a demon dimension, where Kahlil reigns supreme. The EGB's must not only track down the thief but also rescue his victims lest they spend all eternity on the other side.

EDWARD KIRILIAN, THE EVIL ONE - Mid 50's; a former colleague of Egon who has crossed-over into madness . When in costume as the Evil One, Kirilian wears a metal shroud and demonic-looking helmet.
An old colleague of Egon's turns out to be behind a rash of ecto-based crimes. Kirilian is enslaving ghosts, and forcing them to do his bidding. Egon and the EGBs must stop Kirilian/The Evil One before he successfully opens a gateway to the 'ghost dimension'... providing himself with thousands of ecto-slaves.

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