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ACHIRA - Hideous gothic-type villainess ghost. She has detachable snake-like arms with heads on them, some of which can fly off and become her minions.
ACHIRA'S APPENDAGE MINIONS - Snake-like beings which spread Achira's disease.
The opening of a new subway tunnel releases Achira into the city of New York. We meet the four new ghostbusters and see how they conquer the deadly spirit, who possesses Kylie's body and spreads disease through the city.

The Banshee and SirenENTITIES:
THE BANSHEE - A raven haired, human looking, but harshly angular woman, covered in black shrouds. She appears youthful and in varying degrees of aging, all the way to a shriveled up husk.
SIREN - Banshee's (see above) younger sister. Also human looking, she is a vision of beauty, with long, golden hair and dressed in a diaphonos, flowing white dress. Her melodic singing voice can mesmerize all those who hear her. She also appears as "Syren" a popular underground singer
The Extreme Ghostbusters track down a Banshee, whose destructive vocal power endangers the entire city. Their mission hits a snag when Roland comes under the spell of the Banshee's sister, Syren, a paranormal being who uses her identity as a rock singer to hypnotize her listeners and then drain away their youth.

COHILA - A six-foot tall earwig-like bug demon from Latin America. He can transform into a handsome human. He has bug minions, which are bigger than normal-size bugs, with humanesque faces.
Cohila arrives in New York, looking for a female host to be the Queen of his bug kingdom. Meanwhile, Janine - in an attempt to make Egon jealous - unwittingly accepts a date with the very same Cohila (in his human form). Soon, Janine finds herself transforming into an insect, until the EGB's - with Egon in the lead - step in to rescue her.

THE DRY SPELL CREATURE - Slimy but ethereal, semi-corporeal with a hideous head. Has long fangs, a long probing toungue, and black-purple glow. It sucks the water out of people.
The EGB's battle a ghost who travels through the water system of New York and sucks all the water out of his victims.

Evil ClownsENTITIES:
EVIL CLOWNS - Four vampire-type creatures who appear as clowns and feed on the laughter of humans.
The EGB's are after evil ghost clowns who are laughter vampires, terrorizing the hearts and minds of Manhattan. When Eduardo is transformed into a one of them, it's no laughing matter.

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